iDeals vs Clinked Virtual Data Room

Many companies either manually store the records and data that are typically collected during the sales process or don’t even track them at all. However, it is highly recommended to use the iDeals or Clinked virtual data room.

iDeals Virtual Data Room Service

With the iDeals data room software, you avoid losing customers due to simple mistakes, such as forgetting to contact a customer on time or missing important customer information. All of these processes are precisely automated, making the entire sales process more efficient. Some of the best sales automation software on the market also works on mobile devices. This means your team can manage the sales automation process and have access to critical information to make important decisions from anywhere, anytime.

The iDeals data room provider structures using two-dimensional table structures is a decomposition process. The data must be correctly decomposed into its component parts, each part must be stored in its own table. In addition, the relationships between these tables must be carefully considered and implemented. Objectivity and inevitability of crisis formation at different organizational levels of economic activity necessitates the formation of an appropriate organizational and managerial subsystem of timely response and preparation for destabilizing effects.

The iDeals have to invest in computer technology, database software, analytics software, communication channels, and qualified staff. The database should be user-friendly and accessible to all those involved in the marketing process in one way or another, especially those responsible for managing specific products and brands, developing new products, advertising and marketing, direct mail, telemarketing, field sales, order fulfillment, and customer service. A well-organized iDeals database should provide such an increase in sales that would fully cover the cost of its creation and operation.

The Main Advantages of Clinked Virtual Data Room

The flexibility of the Clinked data room system is largely determined by the opportunities it provides for working with documents. The ideal case is when existing paper documents have an equivalent electronic display, in other words, a document of the same type on paper and on the screen looks the same. This requires a document type editor and a form designer for document types. The latter should provide the ability to arrange the structure of the document using various fields, the creation, and editing of the fields themselves. Clinked fields containing reference information are very useful.

The main advantages of Clinked virtual data room are:

  • efficiency of obtaining information, especially in international operations;
  • reduction of non-production costs (trade costs, advertising costs, costs related to customer service and information support);
  • costs associated with the exchange of information are significantly reduced due to the use of cheaper costs;
  • greater openness of companies to consumers.

Thanks to iDeals and Clinked online services, you can see the status of the document at any time. Whether your partner saw it, left any comments, or signed it – all this can be seen in the user’s office. This makes the process of working with documents completely transparent to both parties.

The basic principle of iDeals and Clinked work is based on the use of public-key encryption standards. It should be noted that the keys for encrypting and decrypting data are different. There is a private key that allows you to encrypt information, it is stored only by the owner, and there is a public key with which you can verify the authenticity of the signature of the received letter, it can be distributed publicly.

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